Lagview – Amnesia: The Dark Descent



The first thing I’m gonna say is that this game is, quite simply, a little disturbing. It’s like the the movie, the Blair Witch Project. You never actually see anything scary, your imagination (and the imaginations of those damn kids in the movie) does all the work. This game works in a similar fashion – you don’t often see the monsters lurking around. But you hear weird noises. Doors open suddenly. Windows blow open. Ooze flows from the walls. And you turn the corner, already scared shitless that there’s going to be one of them zombie guys there and it’s getting CLOSER AND YOU’RE GETTING MORE WORRIED AND YOU CAN HEAR IT MOANING AND YOU TURN THE CORNER AND…. there’s fuck all. So you breathe out a sigh of relief and get up for a quick pants-change break. What’s really scary is when you finally convince yourself the game is just bullshitting you and having fun. There’s not going to be a zombie around the next bend. BUT THEN THERE IS!!! HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK RUN AWAY OMGOMGOMG… and then you hide in a corner, listening to it destroy the room you were just in, moaning and making other characteristic zombie sounds. And it lingers. It lingers for a couple minutes, moaning and smashing and pacing… and then eventually walks down the hallway, very slowly, a path of destruction behind it. And here’s a tip for you – when a zombie does see you, run. There aren’t any weapons in this game, there is no way to defend yourself. Just fucking turn the other way and run. And then hide as soon as you can. And another tip – don’t turn around to see if it’s following you. It is. And those fuckers are FAST. If you turn around, you’re gone.

Here’s the thing though. You think, as I did, that this is just a video game. How scary can it be? Well I finally got up the courage to look one of those bastards in the eye and see what they actually looked like. And I couldn’t. The game is so dark, you never really get a good glimpse at what the fuck they are. And not knowing what something is is actually pretty scary. I don’t like it.

In the end, you have to stand back and look at this game. It’s by a small indie company, who, Colby, claims, never actually met in person during the development of this game. Which is impressive, but also raises the question as to the quality of the end product. And you know what? It’s actually pretty good. Especially for $5 or $10, which is a common occurrence on steam (and it may have been in a humble indie bundle as well? Not sure on that one). Even for $20, this game is going to give you as much entertainment as a “big name” game is going to. Sure, it’s not full of action, but it’s like watching a horror movie where you actually get to take on the main protagonist in the first person. And that’s pretty cool. It’s definitely different, and you have to give them on the pat on the back for the fact at the very least. But when you also add the facts that the game doesn’t look half bad, doesn’t crash, has an interesting story, and, most importantly (and something a lot of games fail at) has a phenomenal overall environment, these guys really did a good job. They deserve more than a pat on the back, they deserve your hard earned money. So fork it over. It has no replay value, no multiplayer, no minigames, and, sorry Alex, but no achievements, but what it does bring to the table is an interesting game that you won’t forget any time soon.

At least I thought so.

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