Let’s Play: A Valley Without Wind – Part 3


With the recent 1.1 update and being more or less done with Diablo 3, I’m interested in playing some more Valley Without Wind. I however have a backlog of adventures to write about first, so let’s get started!

This time, the game has informs me that I ought to be better armed, in order to continue to make Environ a better place. One way to do that is to upgrade your spells, I decide that either Ball Lightning or Fireball would be nice spells to upgrade to tier 2, but I’m missing ingredients. 2 for Fireball, or 3 for Ball lightning.

Anstice Burdin has done well so far, so I decide to head to a mission square to see why it is called such.

I find a building labelled “mission area”. It’s another boss tower. It just so happens that the rewards I’ll receive will let me unlock a tier 2 spell. Unfortunately not one of the ones I was interested in, but Energy Orb, “A high powered offensive spell that slides along surfaces and smashes into one entity.” Cool.

The mission goes by without any trouble. I’ve done a couple of them by now, so I know what to expect. Upon completion of the mission, I return home and end up seeing a new message, reminding me of the existence of enchant containers.

Basically, throughout every level you’ll come across enchant containers. Every container you open either increases your chance of finding an enchant in the next container or actually contains an enchant for your character. As the image describes, enchants improve your character. Anstice has been around for a little while now, so it may be worth it for me to look into upgrading him.

I enter another part of the world a little further south which also reportedly contains a mission. On the way to that mission, I actually come across another mission: Stealth Assasination In a Building.

As part of the mission, the levels are completely dark, only by using an enchant that lights the way around me or by placing light sources around the world can I see. For the most part though, this mission is not much more than a boss battle in the dark.

The mission is a success. I return to my settlement and get ready for another. Today is all about finding out what kind of missions are available to me.

I enter a desert-looking region now, and find another mission: Fix Anachronisms In Building. Basically, I have to kill all the monsters that don’t belong in the current time period. The problem is that I have no idea what time period or what the monsters for that period will look like. I guess that the time is supposed to be ancient Egypt based on the scenery, and obviously robots don’t belong there. A few guesses and I figure out what belong and what doesn’t, and successfully complete the mission.

I return to my settlement once again and see what I should be doing. I’ve satisfied my curiosity about the different missions so far, but I’m still really interested in that tier two fireball spell. I crack open my big honkin’ encyclopedia and look up the requirements for the spell. I’m only missing a ruby, which I’m informed has a high chance of showing up in evergreen forest, lava flats, or skelebot junkyards. Evergreen forests sound like the friendliest type of region to explore out of those, so I decide to head to the nearest one.

Before setting off though, I realize that Anstice has proven his worth and that he’s earned an upgrade or two. It turns out that I have a ton of upgrade stones by now, so I upgrade his health to 423 (from 141 originally), upgrade his attack to 125% (from 105%), and upgrade his mana to 250 (from 200).

As I’m exploring the evergreen forest for a ruby, I happen to come across another mission, this time it’s something special: Rescue Survivor From Building.

I’m told that Taichi Ishiguro is trapped in a building by a mysterious force, and that there are legions of monsters guarding the exit. My map is useless here, but if I can find Taichi and escort him to the exit, my settlement will have one more survivor.

I’m able to find Taichi without too much trouble, only to be told that “just because things are tough now is no excuse for poor grooming.” Geez, I risk my life to save him and this is how he reacts? By telling me that I’m filthy. Whatever, I don’t have to like him, he’ll still let me upgrade my settlement, I think. I’m not quite sure right now because he’s the first survivor I’ve come across.

I hope I find that ruby soon.

Part two is here.

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