Let’s Play: Kirby Super Star


Ever hear of the game Kirby Super Star for the Super Nintendo? No? Apparently not a lot of people have. Colby received this game as a gift back when we were both young ‘uns in the 90s and we both fell in love with it. Colby and I always played with me as Kirby and him as helper, the as-good-as-invincible ally to Kirby. This game is, hands down, the game I remember having the most fun with back in the Super Nintendo days, and Colby and I must have played through it time and time again. I hope that you’ll enjoy this new series of “Let’s Play”s, which will probably have about 6-7 installments. All of the games are short, though, so I can’t see a video lasting that long, even with our bickering. Click here to see the playlist on YouTube.

Individual Episodes

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