Let’s Play Rochard (Humble Indie Bundle)

While I’ve been waiting for Colby to play Torchlight 2 with me I decided that something needed to be done. Mostly because I wanted something to do. The answer? Playing through Rochard, a game I got through the most recent humble indie bundle. Here’s episode 1, there will be new episodes every day until the game is finished!

Just an FYI: I’ve beaten the game already, all the episodes have been recorded, and stuff is already uploaded and scheduled. So this is definitely happening! Only one episode as far as I can remember is over 20 minutes, and it was the last one. So they shouldn’t be too long to digest I hope.

The only way to improve is practice, so bear with me here. There is a full list of all the episodes after the embedded video.

Click here to go to the playlist on YouTube, or watch the first episode below:

Episode List:

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