Let’s Play Metro 2033

There's a few instances of vehicular combat in the game.

In my latest “proper” LP series I really wanted to play an FPS game. Why? Because I’ve been sort of neglecting the genre recently and I felt a little guilty for some stupid reason. I eventually decided to play through Metro 2033, since I had played (and reviewed it) in the past and had since read the novel. I was sort of curious to revisit the game now that I’d been exposed to the “true” story, and to see what sort of differences cropped up. Quite a few, as it turns out. Be warned! I occasionally discuss the stories of the game and the novel in these videos and I will spoil bits of the novel (including the ending) in the process! If you intend to read the novel, don’t watch these videos! Anyways, below is the first episode, and please click here to reach the playlist on YouTube!

New videos will come out each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

I’ve changed things up a bit from the Rochard videos. First of all, hopefully I’m a little more engaging. I still find it a little awkward to talk to my computer, so bear with me here. I played in shorter increments as well so I – again hopefully – don’t sound so fatigued. In addition, the episodes are longer, usually around 20 minutes or so although there are a couple longer ones closer to 30 minutes (my bad!).

There is a full list of the episodes below the embedded video.

Enjoy! :D

Episode List

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