Seeing the Peoria Rivermen in Real Life!


This is going to be the most bloggy blog post in history.

So on October 13th I got a chance to see my hockey team in action. By my team I mean the Peoria Rivermen, the real-life affiliate of the fictional Kamloops Pylons!

With Jake Allen (the real one!) in net and a few recognizable names (Grachev, Shields, Ponich, and Peluso) on the ice, I got to watch the real-life counterparts of my hockey team play a real game versus the Abbotsford Heat.

Unfortunately, Della Rovere – the player I had to do a crazy trade with Boston to get back – was scratched. I have no idea why because he, along with Allen, were the only Rivermen that have really ever played consistently on the mighty Pylons. That sucked because I really wanted to see him in action :( oh well.

Luckily, my excitement was rewarded early on with a quick goal for the Rivermen and even a fight! Unfortunately, however, the Heat responded in the goal department. 6 times total throughout the game. And the Rivermen were only able to add a single goal more to their initial one. My team lost 6-2. With my favourite goalie in net! :(

I was in the front row in one of the corners so I was able to actually get a couple of good looks at a couple of the guys that play for the fictional Rivermen/Pylons tandem, so that was pretty cool. At a couple points I was only 2m or so away from Allen! There was also a second, larger fight that included several players that happened not far from where we were sitting, and a guy a few rows behind us got hit in the face with a puck. Looked painful.

But anyways, I took some awful pictures with my phone because I wanted to share with the 1 or 2 other Pylon followers out there (probably Colby and Alex), because I thought it was kind of cool. If you want to watch a crappy YouTube video (not recorded by me) with some footage of the game, click here.

Normal service will resume immediately.


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