Linux: Getting Rid of “Steam needs to be online to update, but was set to offline mode”


For the OS X fix, click here.

For the Windows 7 fix, click here.

There are two methods for going about fixing this issue in Linux: the CLI method, and the GUI method. The CLI method is quick and direct while the GUI method is for less “advanced” users. Click the screenshots below to enlarge them!

The CLI Method

1. Open up a terminal/command line application.

2. Run:

nano ~/.steam/registry.vdf


3. Navigate to the portion of the file with “Offline” “1″ and change it to “Offline” “0″ (NOT “OfflineAFS”). (Note that Ctrl+o saves the file in Nano.)


That’s it!

The GUI Method

1. Open your home directory with your favourite file manager (or your least favourite if you feel like it)!

2. Configure that manager to show hidden files.

3. Open up the .steam folder.

4. Double-click “registry.vdf” and open with a text editor.


5. Navigate to the portion of the file with “Offline” “1″ and change it to “Offline” “0″ (NOT “OfflineAFS”).


Hopefully that will fix your problem! Please comment below and let us know if it worked for you! :D

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