Last Updated: June 4, 2013 (v. 1.05) – added a “coin flip” to determine which player goes first.

So I made a dice game. It’s inspired by Quake Live and requires nothing but dice to play, although a pen and paper may come in handy as well. Bored on a road trip or something? No worries, we have the answer!

Basically, you have 2 attack dice and 1 stack die. This gives you the ability to potentially damage your opponent twice per turn and rebuild your stack once per turn. Although, your attacks may miss and you can deal damage to yourself (and potentially suicide) by rocket jumping. When you deplete your opponent’s stack, you earn one frag. Your opponent then respawns with 100 stack and you continue playing until one player reaches 5 frags and wins the game. More detailed rules are below in this post, as well as a downloadable .pdf of the rules.

In addition, I made a little console program that simulates this game. It can be downloaded here:

QUAKE Dice v 1.05 Download (Windows) (includes .pdf of the rules and an .exe of the game)

QUAKE Dice Rules (.pdf) View/Download (Also written below)

QUAKE Dice Scoresheet (.pdf) View/Download (For playing in real life!)

You can also click here to reach the forum topic for this game if you have any questions/comments/suggestions/bug reports/want to download old versions.


Designed by Tetchro

Required materials: 3 dice, preferably of 2 different colours. Some paper and a pen/pencil may be a good idea as well. Hell, you could even play with 1 die rolled 3 times per turn if you needed to.

How to Play: Each player rolls 3 dice per turn. Two dice are called “attack dice” and the third is called the “stack die”. The results of each roll are determined as follows:

Attack Dice (x2)

Roll Weapon Damage to Opposing Player
1 (Missed shot) 0
2 Rocket Launcher 40
3 Rocket Launcher 40
4 Lightning Gun 25
5 Lighting Gun 25
6 Rail Gun 75


Stack Die (x1)

Roll Item Change in Rolling Player’s Stack
1 Red Armour +50
2 Health Bubble +25
3 Rocket Jump -5
4 Rocket Jump -5
5 Health Bubble +25
6 Mega Health +100


As two attack dice are rolled per player per turn, each player can potentially deal damage to their opponent twice per turn. If a 2 and a 4 are rolled, for example, the damage done to the opposing player’s stack is 40 + 25 = 65. The stack die serves to increase the rolling player’s stack, which can be thought of as that player’s health. Each player begins the game with 100 stack and 0 frags. The maximum stack each player can have at any given time is 200.

When a player’s stack reaches 0 (or below), that player is “killed” and the damaging player gets 1 frag, or point. The fragged player then “respawns” with a stack of 100. If the player is killed by rolling Rocket Jump(s), the death still counts as a frag for the other player.

Attack die damage is dealt before the result of the stack die is applied. Therefore, if both you and your opponent have 5 stack and you roll a 3 and 5 (attack dice) and a 3 (stack die), you will frag your opponent and then suicide, resulting in your opponent scoring a frag. Therefore, both players will gain 1 frag each.

The objective of the game is to be the first player to 5 frags!

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