QuakeCon 2012 VODs


Below is a list of VODs from QuakeCon 2012.

The group stage has not yet been included.

Thanks to QuakeHistory.com for the info!












Round 3

Round 2 

Round 1





Group A

  • Cypher vs. dkt
  • a1r_r41d vs. pfb
  • Cypher vs. a1r_r41d
  • dkt vs. pfb
  • a1r_r41d vs. dkt
  • Cypher vs. pfb

Group B

  • DaHanG vs. carnage
  • chance vs. mongo
  • DaHang vs. chance
  • mongo vs. carnage
  • DaHang vs. mongo
  • chance vs. carnage

Group C

  • id_ vs. rapha
  • czm vs. rox
  • rapha vs. rox
  • czm vs. id_
  • czm vs. rapha
  • id_ vs. rox

Group D 

  • ZeRo4 vs. sparks
  • FienD vs. Memento_Mori
  • FienD vs. sparks
  • ZeRo4 vs. Memento_Mori
  • sparks vs. Memento_Mori
  • ZeRo4 vs. FienD


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