About Us

We started out in 2006 as a clan for Counter-Strike: Source, called the Local Area Gamers. The majority of our members came from the area around Vancouver BC and Seattle.

However, clans don’t last forever. Our interest in Counter-Strike eventually faded, and the clan disbanded. A few of us wanted to continue posting in the clan forums, so we relaunched the site as lagserv.net as we still owned the web space but didn’t want to be seen as a clan anymore.

Without a clan server to bring in new members, we decided to launch a blog where we could post some of our thoughts and potentially bring in more members with similar interests to us. This is what you are looking at today.

We’ve since branched out into other things. Let’s plays, gaming tutorials, tech tutorials, reviews (or, as we call them, “lagviews”), Quake Live shoutcasts, and streaming are just a few examples.

You can contact us by emailing:


If you’d like to send us Quake Live demos/replays so we can shoutcast them (and we probably would!), email them to:


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