Let’s Play Pokemon Snap


Riley takes a stroll down memory lane by playing an old copy of Pokemon Snap he found at the flea market. 3 part series recorded from a live stream, followed by an encore 100% “speedrun”.

Let’s Play Pokemon Snap

  • Part 1 (Twitch) (YouTube) 
  • Part 2 (Twitch) (YouTube)
  • Part 3 (Twitch) (YouTube)
  • Encore (Twitch) (YouTube


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Let’s Play Pokemon Emerald: Randomized! (3 Simultaneous Playthroughs on a Live Stream)


Riley, Socks and Taylor play 3 differently randomized Pokemon Emerald games simultaneously! All episodes are already highlights on our twitch page, episodes/parts will become public on our YouTube channel on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Check below for a list of episodes!

Also, be sure to follow us on Twitch to participate in our future streams! Or we’ll cry :(


Let’s Play Pokemon Emerald Randomized

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Dog River Days – Our Spontaneous Roadtrip to Rouleau and Saskatoon


It was Friday evening. I’d gotten home from work and, like usual, I had made myself dinner and was sitting at my computer reading my Twitter feed. But then I read something interesting.

Wait, what?

Then my mind, as it does, started putting things together. I am planning to go to Saskatoon this summer with Colby to bring a load of stuff to his place when he moves out there in mid-late August. This is the only time I’ll ever get a chance to be in something Corner-gas related, and … well, that was about it really. And as my mind was putting that together, Colby walked in. So I just asked him: “do you want to go to Rouleau and be in the closing credits of the Corner Gas movie?”

He thought I was an idiot. The shot was the next day at 4 pm and we live an hour east of Vancouver, BC. We’d have to literally drive through the night non-stop to get to Rouleau in time. I told him to think about it, and he agreed. I went to my regularly scheduled jam session, expecting Colby to say it was a stupid idea when I got back. It was too spontaneous, it was too long a drive (estimated 17 hours), it wasn’t worth it. But when I got back, he gave the okay. So we did it.

We packed the car up with some stuff he wanted to bring, I packed a bunch of clothes and some sources of entertainment, and we left. We left on a 17-hour road trip at 10:15 pm to try and make it to Rouleau, Saskatachewan, at 4 pm (3 pm our time) the next day to make it into the final, closing credits shot of the Corner Gas movie.

And by golly, we made it.

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Quakecon 2014 Duel Masters VODs

Below is the list of (unofficial) VODs for the Quakecon 2014 Duel Masters. These VODs are purely the games from varying points of view – no shoutcasting (see Faceit for those VODs!). Each link will open a new tab and take you to a Youtube video of that set of games. The description of each video contains timestamps that allow you to jump forward to a particular map if you so desire!

Quakecon 2014 VODs playlist on YouTube

Source of demos: http://quakeconcdn.org/#/Duel_Masters

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Papers, Please Review


I picked up Papers, Please during the recent Steam summer sale because it was recommended to me by both my brother and cousin, both of whom had played the game for a few hours and ultimately ditched it before its completion but nevertheless had fun with it. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect going in to it. I expected the blocky, retro-style graphics, but I didn’t expect a “story” of sorts. The game isn’t terribly nice to look at – and it makes no apologies for being that way – it is meant to appear bleak and dull. I mean, you’re a border guard stamping passports for Pete’s sake.

Here’s the game in a nutshell. You live in Arstotzka, a country seemingly inspired by, I believe, the Eastern Bloc states from around the time of the cold war. It also takes place in 1982, in case you were interested. Of course, all of the nations and whatnot are completely fictional.

The basic premise of the game is this: you are a border guard forced into your job via a labour lottery. You have a son, a wife, a mother-in-law and an uncle to care for – all of whom are apparently too young/incompetent/lazy to work and provide for themselves. So basically you wake up, read the newspaper headlines (some of which occasionally foreshadow the day’s tasks ahead), and then walk to work. Arriving there, you are given a document outlining any procedural changes you must take in account for the day ahead. The actual “game” presents a view of 3 areas – the top shows the exterior of the border crossing, the bottom left shows your actual booth where the hopeful admitees stand, and the third at the bottom right of your screen is your work surface.

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Steam: Games Installed on Secondary Hard drive Not Found (Games Suddenly Uninstalled?! Steam can’t locate installs?!)


Now the other day I was going to play some Sanctum 2 with Alex and for some reason Steam decided that none of the games I had installed on my secondary D:\ drive were installed anymore. The game names were completely grayed out in Steam, yet I could verify the games had been installed by navigating to my D:\ drive using Windows Explorer. So what gives? Thankfully, this is a very easy fix! Basically, Steam has forgotten where these games are installed, so we just need to add a Steam Library folder entry into settings to remind it. 

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Let’s Play Kirby’s Dream Land

Colby plays through Kirby’s Dream Land on our Twitch stream. Click here to view the video on Twitch, or watch it bellooowwww…

Watch live video from lagserv on TwitchTV

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The N00b’s Introduction to Aiming in FPS Games


Let me start by saying that if you want to truly practice aiming, then you should play a game like Quake Live which demands that you aim in a variety of different ways to take advantage of both the different weaponry and different ways you might encounter enemies. Few games can provide you with the same amount of variety in aiming, and I have found that it’s an effective way of strengthening my aim in other games. It has both taught me good habits and helped to reinforce them, and is probably the only reason I feel at all comfortable about writing this article. It has taught me the importance of setting my sensitivity to a value that works for my play style and that gaming mice are indeed a little better for gaming than regular mice. With this article I am attempting to write out all of what I’ve learned about aiming from playing Quake, but I will mention other games as well.

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Let’s Play Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


Tet/Riley, Colby, and Alex play through Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in one sitting on our live stream.

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