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So yesterday I received an email from some dude named Clayton. Within that email I learned a couple quick facts.

1. This Clayton dude created a website called

2. This Clayton dude is from Vancouver, BC. Which is where we are!!! w00t! :D

Honestly, the fact that he was from Vancouver was the thing that got my immediate attention. I’m just being honest, okay? Anyways, reading on, this Clayton dude (henceforth called “Clayton dude”) claims that his website is “an online journal and social network for gamers … it’s just like Goodreads, but for video games.” Due the fact I live under a rock, I had to Google Goodreads. Afterwards, I checked out dpadd and I understood what he meant.  (more…)

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Metro 2033: The Novel (and comparisons to the game)

Back in the day I played the FPS game Metro 2033 on my PC. I enjoyed it and thought the story was interesting enough (and the in-game advertising of the book accomplished by placing copies of it in random places was seemingly effective on me) to go out to Chapters and purchase a copy of the novel for myself. I was heading to Montreal shortly afterwards so I figured this would be excellent reading for the endless hours of waiting for and on the plane.

This book is pretty long. It took me a few months to read it, although with my sporadic reading schedule (and usually only reading 10 pages or so a night tops) I’m sure it took me longer than it would take a regular reader. A lot longer. I enjoyed the book but there were a lot of things that suprised me about it. (more…)

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Roadside Picnic and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games

I recently read the newly re-translated version of Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. The only reason I knew about the existence of the book was from playing the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (from now on, just STALKER) series of video games by GSC Game World, which are actually in many ways based off of ideas from the novel. Both the game and the novel revolve around the idea of a zone containing anomalous activity, filled with strange artefacts, although they do have some fairly big differences.

I’ve wanted to write a review of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl for a while now, but it wouldn’t really be fair to the game, considering I played it years ago and my second play-through would leave a far different impression than my first. I’ve actually recently tried to play it again despite this, but there are things that turn me off enough that I go play some game that I haven’t finished yet. I tend not to like to repeat doing things. After reading the book, I realised I had a chance to write about the game without actually reviewing it. So, here we go!


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Lagview – The Last Wish (Andrzej Sapkowski)

Well, here’s a first! A lagview about a novel! I told you I wanted to read more books this year, so here we are.

This book is about Geralt of Rivia, the witcher. The whole reason I bought this book on my kindle is because I was so impressed with the story of the game, I figured it had to be a good read. I was right, but not exactly in the way I expected. It’s available both through amazon and indigo, for the Canadians among us.

The book is broken down into several sections that appear to be short stories (although they do link back to each other in some instances). This makes it a great book to sit down and read for an hour or two on a weekend. You can just sit down, read a section, and get back to doing something else. Each story basically consists of a different conflict Geralt has to face – some are political, some are personal, and all of them have some intriguing – and occasionally humorous – elements. The book is short enough that you won’t get bored of it before you’re finished reading it, which is a problem I sometimes experience with longer novels. I just get bored. (more…)

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1989 Honda Accord Review

This lagview is of a bit of a different theme. Its not the newest first person shooter, nor a computer or anything like that, this is a car I have recently bought. Normally i wouldn’t bother to “lagview” a car, only reason I am is because of this special group of people we have here. Our first cars were all american cars from the 80′s with a bit of character. We didn’t go the more common route of…. Getting a Honda.

My parents aren’t at all car savvy, however when I was looking for my first car. This whole “Honda” thing was all they’d talk about. Show me this one, show me that one. Honestly, because of this, I didn’t want one. They were rather shocked when i did end up choosing my first car (1985 Chevy Camaro). I’m sure it wasn’t just my parents that wanted me to get a Honda, I heard they were good, reliable, small, easy, safe cars blablabla. Well, I chose a more risque route with my first car and scored great. My 1985 Camaro was great, after 85,000 km she’s still a tickin. But, what if i had gone the Honda route, What did I miss… (more…)

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