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Last Updated: June 4, 2013 (v. 1.05) – added a “coin flip” to determine which player goes first.

So I made a dice game. It’s inspired by Quake Live and requires nothing but dice to play, although a pen and paper may come in handy as well. Bored on a road trip or something? No worries, we have the answer!

Basically, you have 2 attack dice and 1 stack die. This gives you the ability to potentially damage your opponent twice per turn and rebuild your stack once per turn. Although, your attacks may miss and you can deal damage to yourself (and potentially suicide) by rocket jumping. When you deplete your opponent’s stack, you earn one frag. Your opponent then respawns with 100 stack and you continue playing until one player reaches 5 frags and wins the game. More detailed rules are below in this post, as well as a downloadable .pdf of the rules.

In addition, I made a little console program that simulates this game. It can be downloaded here:

QUAKE Dice v 1.05 Download (Windows) (includes .pdf of the rules and an .exe of the game)

QUAKE Dice Rules (.pdf) View/Download (Also written below)

QUAKE Dice Scoresheet (.pdf) View/Download (For playing in real life!)

You can also click here to reach the forum topic for this game if you have any questions/comments/suggestions/bug reports/want to download old versions.


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The Furious Heights Song

I was bored. You can download the song (for free) here.

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What Happened, Nintendo?

Warning: the following is rather long and very opinionated.

I was born in the early 90s. Throughout that decade – and indeed until 2006, I was a huge Nintendo fan. Although, since my grandfather and parents had purchased my brother and I Nintendo consoles right from the beginning (never owned a Sega system until the early 2000s when we received one for free) we didn’t exactly have much say in the matter. I remember playing Donkey Kong and Kirby Superstar especially on the Super Nintendo with Colby for hours. We’d be woken up for school in the morning and rush downstairs to eat cereal and play some SNES. When the N64 came out my grandfather bought us one a few months after. I remember that my friends at school all had one, and I was so jealous. My father – it must have been – found an emulator and I was halfway through the fire temple on Ocarina of Time before an N64 finally arrived in our household.

Then, shortly afterwards, we moved. A few months later I met Alex. In fact, Nintendo was the reason why we met. After the christmas break our teacher changed the seating plan around and Alex, whom I hadn’t spoken to beforehand, was now sitting beside me. He noticed that I had drawn a triforce on my nameplate thing on my desk and I guess we sort of hit it off. I mean, that was 12 years ago! I remember playing a lot of N64 with him. Especially Mario Tennis (with Colby as well!), but he also introduced me to Ogre Battle 64, which, I believe, we both hail as the greatest game ever to this day. Playstation? Neither of us owned one and neither of us cared to own one (as far as I know). I didn’t know anyone with a playstation back then. Unfortunately, my parents decided that just 10 months of living in Burnaby was enough, and so we moved again… to Abbotsford. And then the Gamecube came out.

I remember playing Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Gamecube – which was the first console Colby and I actually bought with our own money after saving up for literally months, albeit with some help from my grandfather again – and being blown away with how amazing it looked. We loved that thing. Alex would come over from time to time and play with us. Xbox? Playstation 2? What the hell are those? I didn’t know anyone with a PS2 until Socks and I became friends about 3-4 years later. To this day I only know a few people who only had the original Xbox during this period of time. In our little social circle, with the exception of Socks, the Gamecube was king. But the years passed and another generation of consoles was due out. The Xbox 360 was released first of all, and Colby and I dismissed it as a piece of shit. Because we had acquired both a PS2 and original Xbox beforehand, we sort of knew what to expect from Sony’s and Microsoft’s offerings, and to be honest it wasn’t for us. But then I remember being at high school during lunch time, and my friend Kass telling me the next Nintendo console would be called the “Wii”. I thought he was joking.

What happened, Nintendo? (more…)

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The Complete n00b’s Guide to: Studying Successfully for College/University

With school in full swing again it seems appropriate that I write another complete n00b’s guide to something. But what? Are you blind? Didn’t you read the title? It’s about studying successfully. Sheesh, pay more attention… that’s my first suggestion.

Just so you know, this n00b’s guide is directed towards those of you about to begin – or are already a year or so into – university or college and are hoping to actually do something with your education. Let’s be honest here, degrees are getting increasingly common. How do you set yourself apart from all of the others you graduated with? Your marks and GPA. And your personality, of course, but I can’t help you with that.

I want to start with a little story first: the other day, my calculus professor went on a tangent (see what I did there?) after marking our quizzes. He said that there were 3 types of students – ones that are just “whatever” students and are there (usually) at their parent’s expense and have no real drive to do anything other than show up; those that give 110% everyday regardless of the marks they earn; and those in between. He argued that the in between group was the real danger zone – going through school doing the bare minimum. Just barely passing, working out exactly what percentages you need to proceed… those sorts of people. And I have to agree with him. If you’re the kind of person that’s just there to have a good time, then go for it. If you’re the hardworker, then good for you! But if you’re in between, make up your mind. And fast.

The way I see it, bearing in mind I’m a Biology major, there are a few different ways to go about studying successfully: (more…)

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Company of Zeros (Company of Heroes Parody)

A short video we made in Company of Heroes. The premise is basically that a commander is being blatantly lied to regarding the status of his troops and the war. Inspired by the short videos used in the old episodes of Pure Pwnage!

Video Recording: Tetchro, Cheese
Video Editing: Cheese
Audio Editing: Tetchro
Script: Tetchro, Cheese
Voices: Tetchro, Cheese, Tehsocks
Concept: Tetchro

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Weird Red Orchestra 2 Bug (Corpse Orchestra?)

So I noticed this bug the other day while playing Red Orchestra 2… I had to record it.

Want to download the amazing background music? Corpse Orchestra

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The Complete n00b’s Guide to: Proper Apostrophe Use

It has occurred to me that one of the most common grammatical errors on the internet is regarding the use of apostrophes. I get that people are lazy and omit them sometimes, which is fine, but some people throw them in places they just don’t belong. Mostly regarding plurals, I think. It’s awful. If you are one of those people who don’t see an issue with the following sentences, then you should seriously continue reading this. Please. And if you know some one who routinely butchers apostrophes please point them in the direction of this post (or any other post on any other site, really). You’ll be doing the internet a great service!

Bad apostrophe use examples:

I got all the bonus’s.

There are chicken’s in the field.

What about it’s website?

I was born in the 1990′s.

If any of those look like something you’d write (at least regarding apostrophes, anyways) then welcome to rehab. Don’t worry, this post isn’t that long but, I hope, immensely helpful in many real-life situations. (more…)

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