Guild Wars 2 POIs/Vistas/Skillpoints

Here are all the POIs, vistas, and skillpoints that we have made videos for. Please let us know if any of the information is incorrect, or if you’d like to see us demonstrate how to get any particular POI, vista, or skillpoint by commenting on one of the posts below or on the YouTube video page. We’ll read it!

Description Name Region Type
Verarium Delves Vista and Uzanarin Depths Skillpoint n/a Sparkfly Fen Vista Skillpoint
Stone of Hazaan Skillpoint n/a Sparkfly Fen Skillpoint
Fisher's Eye Bridges POI Goldenlight Hallow Timberline Falls POI
Candle Chimney Skillpoint n/a Timberline Falls Skillpoint
Gladefall Run n/a Iron Marches Vista
Lake Desolann Spentlung Depth Iron Marches POI
Inner Harbor n/a Blazeridge Steppes Vista
Laughing Gull Island n/a Bloodtide Coast Skillpoint
Mellagan's Grotto n/a Timberline Falls POI Vista Skillpoint
Hunter's Gorge Vista n/a Fields of Ruin Vista
Firth of Revanion POI Lorantl Grounds Bloodtide Coast POI
Trader's Forum Vista n/a Black Citadel Vista
Memorial Quadrant POI Plaza of Rememberance Black Citadel POI
Whisperwill Bogs Vista n/a Bloodtide Coast Vista
Eastern Ward POI Lost Grotto Black Citadel POI
Stronghold of Ebonhawke Vista n/a Fields of Ruin Vista
Monument Grounds Vista n/a Blazeridge Steppes Vista
Imperator's Core POIs n/a Black Citadel POI
False River Valley/Highfirn Passage Vista n/a Black Citadel Vista
Mistriven Gorge Skillpoint n/a Black Citadel Skillpoint
Venison Pass Vista n/a Black Citadel Vista
Brilitine Swath POI Skrittsatawney Brisban Wildlands POI
Koga Ruins Vista n/a Brisban Wildlands Vista
Durmand Priory POI (South) Posternus Caverns Black Citadel POI
Demon's Maw Vista n/a Black Citadel Vista
Old Duke's Estate POI Barradin's Vaults Plains of Ashford POI
Darkhoof Heights Skillpoint n/a Snowden Drifts Skillpoint
Hrothgar's Pass POI Jorand's Sluice Snowden Drifts POI
Breachwater Lake POI Burntfur's Pool Diessa Plateau POI
Breached Wall n/a Diessa Plateau Vista Skillpoint
Eastern Viathan Lake Tagotl Grounds Kessex Hills POI